Concentrating on competencies

"Cobbler, stick to your last!“: Companies that wish to raise awareness amongst consumers and business partners, while succeeding against the increased competition on the market, need to be authentic and focus on their strenghts. In short: Conduct business tailored to their core competencies. 

Sometimes, it’s better to buck the trend instead of risking poor quality. Only by differentiating themselves from the competition, companies manage to be heard in the loud jungle of messages, while generating profit at the same time.
That’s how we act. Consistently.
PR-Communication. Interpersonal communication.

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Brand Communication

Time to be clear

Companies face the age of overstimulation and at the same time, a decreasing attention span. In order to keep up with competition, companies’ brand communication needs to be straight to the point.
This means: Time to be clear!
Emphasize the brand’s core statement, essential to reach the target group.

Further Information: Dorothée Schumann, schumann(at)duelberg(dot)com 

Employer Branding

Don't forget your employees

Employer branding is more than a smart marketing campaign created to impress companies and organizations as an attractive employer. The internal perspective should not be missed! Internal employer branding is used to retain employees in the long term while supporting a healthy performance growth and organizational culture. Happy current and former employees are the best company ambassadors. 

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DÜLBERG/BRENDEL supports volunteer work

The organization “” sustainably supports community life in Düsseldorf. Core areas include:
A charity exchange offers a platform to societies as well as potential volunteers, looking for the right match.
Activities for new citizens are offered to support the integration process
For the past two years, we have been enthusiastically supporting the organization’s activities as a sponsor.

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Educational Channel

All about teachers

We use our longstanding educational channel expertise to offer teachers an information platform via Facebook: “All about teachers”.
Especially for teaching staff, a healthy work-life balance is an increasingly important topic. “All about teachers” specifically targets the special needs and interests of young teachers.
These are addressed by offering educational, informative, casual, sporty and creative content in order to add value! 

For more information, please get in touch with: Jessica Jacobi, jacobi(at)duelberg(dot)com

SME Communication

Is Social Media worthwhile?

“Social Media only pays off for Consumer Brands.”
At least that is what many B2B SME’s think. Only 30 percent of the companies actively use Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media channel.
In our opinion: Far too few!
Using Social Media enables B2B companies to tap into unknown potential. After all, prospective business partners are represented and are interested in networking and professional exchange. 
An elaborated strategy and good content speaks to the right target groups and establishes brand loyalty. 

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