What do you perform?
For whom?
What distinguishes your services from others?

This is the message, which we emphasize.
With PR-Communication, we promote the sale of your products and services.

"Cobbler, stick to your last!“: Companies that wish to raise awareness amongst consumers and business partners, while succeeding against the increased competition on the market, need to be authentic and focus on their strenghts.

You can read here what this concretely means.



More than standards.

To achieve our customer’s goals, we have determined a precise process flow:

On the basis of an accurate analysis, it creates room for new points of view and a bigger diversity of ideas. 

Today it is more important than ever. In times of increasing information and sensory overload and at the same time decreasing attention spans, companies and brands have to communicate to the point – otherwise they will disappear.


SME Communication


SME Communication

Integrated communication in SME’s, focusing on increasing and improving your business’ reputation for relevant stakeholders, both internal and external.

Brand Communication


Brand Communication

Comprehensive brand communication does not only positively influence your company turnover but also grows and strengthens trust.

Communication of associations


Communication of associations

Internal communication for members and a clear positioning in public.

Internal Communication


Internal Communication

Communicating at eye level with your employees creates the basis for passion, motivation and loyalty.

Social Media Communication


Social Media Communication

Social media is the new “normal thing”, and is without any doubt one of the most important success factors for companies, brands and organizations – we use it intensively!




Written, said, online, offline: Placed at the right place, at the right time, our writing sets the right tone and effectively communicates your message.

Media Relations


Media Relations

Maintaining relationships to relevant media outlets is quite natural. Our media network however guarantees sustainable relationship marketing with relevant opinion leaders.




Innovative ideas, compelling content and interactive design implemented in digital, print and crossmedia is the key to effective internal and external communication. Our publishing expertise strengthens your brand essence!

Employer Branding


Employer Branding

In order to position your company as an attractive, future-oriented employer, standing out in the job market, we make use of strategic employer branding.

Communication Design


Communication Design

We give your corporate design a fresh and modern look, convincing in each and every communication channel.


We know what we do

Don’t count the people that you reach but the persons that are important for your company and your products.

You have to get there.

That is the key.

Contact partners


Dorothée Schumann

Managing director, customer consultant, fairy

schumann(at)duelberg(dot)com, 0211 6400815


Jessica Jacobi

Editor, customer consultant,

jacobi(at)duelberg(dot)com, 0211 6400811

Maurice Kaufmann

Creative Director, customer consultant, artist

kaufmann(at)duelberg(dot)com, 0211 6400820

Thomas Dülberg

Associate, journalist, author,

duelberg(at)duelberg(dot)com, 0211 6400813



Concentrating on competencies

"Cobbler, stick to your last!“: Companies that wish to raise awareness amongst consumers and business partners, while succeeding against the increased competition on the market, need to be authentic and focus on their strenghts. In short: Conduct business tailored to their core competencies.  

For more information, get in touch with: Dorothée Schumann, schumann(at)duelberg(dot)com

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What we expect and what we offer

We expect: an innovative mind, a positive appearance, a dedicated work life, customer-oriented behavior, working in a highly professional and precise manner as well as team spirit.

We offer: a future-oriented workplace, exciting tasks, training opportunities, opportunity for advancement, commitment and team spirit.

You will find out latest job offers here:

Intern, Graphic design
You are a fluent with imagery. You have a good grasp of communication design basics because you have a degree in graphics or communication design. Your mind is not restricted to print format but in RGB too, you are able to use all common graphic programs. You have excellent online knowledge and skills. 

Intern, Editorial team
Your writing is accurate and you offer experience as an intern in Public Relations or Journalism. You have an academic degree or comparable work experience. You enjoy working in new subject areas and your research skills are excellent. You are able to meet the expectations of various target groups while accurately communicating corporate and brand messages.

Apply now and become part of the D/B team: hallo(at)duelberg(dot)com